Epoxy Dispensers & Pumps

Most in the construction industry refer to equipment used for epoxy injection as “pumps”.  Pumps are defined as “a mechanical device using suction or pressure to raise or move liquids, compress gasses or force air into inflatable objects such as tires”.  Simple!  We at Lily Corporation prefer to use the term “dispenser”.  A dispenser is “an automatic machine or container designed to release a specific amount of something”.  The difference is significant.  When performing epoxy injection, maintaining the proper ratio is absolutely critical.  Simply “pumping” the two components into a crack and hoping the ratio is close enough will yield catastrophic results, which cannot be undone.  
Our dispensers meter (measure) the resin using positive displacement pumps.  Yes, we do use pumps but they work in unison to ensure the two components are within a less than 5% volumetric error.   The pumps are tied together in such a way that one cannot move without the other, ensuring accuracy.   Manufacturing tolerances are .002”.
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The principals in Lily Corp. have more than 30 years experience as epoxy injection contractors.  This hands-on experience has enabled us to create materials that can withstand the rigors of the construction site.  Including dust, temperature variations, rain and the usual handling abuses.  Also, because of this experience, Lily maintains a complete inventory of our products, ALWAYS!  Nothing is more frustrating to a contractor than having five employees waiting around for a $3.00 part.  Lily equipment can be used to dispense any resin supplier material as long as it meets certain minimum requirements.  This means that the contractor can use any supplier they wish and even switch between suppliers as pricing, availability, or product performance may warrant.  Lily dispensers are manufactured in the USA.
Lily Corporation can supply our customers with everything they will need to perform any particular application except the chemicals.  All of our products are designed and selected with an intimate knowledge of the needs of the contractor.  Equipment available includes high pressure, lower pressure, high volume, low volume, and combinations of all.  Lily also carries a full line of all of the porting accessories needed to make the connection to the crack, including but not limited to, surface mounting ports, socket mounting ports, corner ports, valves, connectors, manifolds, and tubing.  A variety of disposable mixers are available to the epoxy overlay, high friction surface, and healer/sealer contractors to meet their specific needs.  Many of our dispensers use our patented “Coco” Valve System to ensure ratio accuracy.  Proprietary ball valves made of high-strength stainless steel and wear compensating UHMW seals are incorporated in Lily Dispensers.
Two-component system v one component system:  One-component systems are used for the dispensing of single component resins such as polyurethanes which react when coming into contact with water.  The water, whether already present within the crack or added by the contractor, acts as the catalyst for the resin.  Two-component systems are used when the resin requires a specific amount of base material to be mixed with a specific amount of catalyst material.  Normally, this mix ratio must be maintained to within 5% +/- to achieve the specified performance strengths.  Therefore, a highly accurate and reliable dispenser is required.