Parking Garage Overlays

Parking garages, like bridges, are often exposed to salts and water carried in by traffic.  These can cause the corrosion of reinforcing steel within the concrete and result in very expensive and time-consuming repairs.  Epoxy overlays prevent them from entering the underlying concrete and penetrating to the steel.  Parking garage overlays are similar to the bridge deck overlays except it is a one-coat application.  Since a parking garage is not exposed to heavy truck traffic and snow plows a thinner application is sufficient.  And unlike most garage traffic systems, which are, often, 3 coat systems, the project can be completed much faster, reducing disruptions and loss of revenue.   Life expectancy is around 10-15 years.  The CD200 and CD250 Dispensers are recommended because of their high dispense rates and mix ratio accuracy.  Up to 600 gallons per hour can be achieved.  Clean-up entails little more than the throwing away of an inexpensive disposable static mixer. The resin can be drawn from 250-gallon totes or 55-gallon drums.
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