Equipment Training

As a manufacturer of resin dispensing equipment, Lily Corporation, with over 50 years of experience in the application and manufacturing of epoxy dispensers, offers our hands-on training at no charge with the purchase of a CD15 Epoxy Dispenser.  This training is usually performed at the job site and includes not only the operation and maintenance of the equipment but the complete injection process as well. When a customer purchases a Lily CD15 Epoxy Dispenser we offer a day of free hands-on training at the job site.  Although this training includes the operation and maintenance of the system the focus is on the actual injection process including labor-saving manifolding.  Following the training, those in attendance will receive certificates stating that they have been trained by Lily Corp.  This free on-site training is also available with the purchase of any of the other CD Dispensers.  The training is free, but we do ask the customer to pay for our travel expenses.  This training is not required to operate the CD Dispensers and is offered only as a service to our customers.  When renting a CD Dispenser we still offer the training but there is a training fee.  We feel confident that Lily Corporation is the only dispensing equipment manufacturer offering such service.
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