Slab Delamination

Include cause of delamination of concrete slabs, why does slab delamination occur, how do you fix concrete slab delamination, Benefits of using A550, CD15
Often, a concrete overlay can become debonded from the substrate due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel or the failure of or the lack of  a bonding agent. Once the perimeter of the voids are determined, ½” holes are drilled through the debonded overlay on a, generally, 2’ grid pattern, into the underlying void.  Ports are then driven into the hole.  If the hole is drilled properly no surface seal will be required.  The design of the port creates a leak-proof seal.  The epoxy injection of the resulting void rebonds the topping, extending the useful life of the structure.  Extended life of at least 10 years is common.  This is a fast repair and lane closures of more than a day are rare. Most often used for the repair of parking garages and bridge decks.  The ratio accuracy and reliability of the CD15 insures the resin within the void cures properly.  If the resin does not, the area will need to be removed and a new overlay installed.  A very expensive and time-consuming process.
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