Bridge Deck Overlays

Bridge deck overlays are usually a two-layer application of epoxy resin and aggregate.  This system not only improves traction but, more importantly, prevents the intrusion of corrosive salts and water that can corrode the reinforcing steel.  The deck is first cleaned of any bond-breaking material by sandblasting or shot blasting.  A layer of resin is then applied to a specified mil thickness.  Before the resin can begin to cure, the resin is filled with a graded, oven-dried aggregate until no resin is visible.  The initial application is allowed to cure to sufficient strength where the excess aggregate can be removed without disturbing the first lift.  A second layer is then applied.  A final thickness of about ¼” is achieved.  Life expectancy is around 10-15 years.  The CD200 and CD250 Dispensers are recommended because of their high dispense rates and mix ratio accuracy.  Up to 600 gallons per hour can be achieved.  Clean-up entails little more than the throwing away of an inexpensive disposable static mixer. The resin can be drawn from 250-gallon totes or 55-gallon drums.
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