The CP-5 is a simple, lightweight, very compact, yet inexpensive grouter. Its portability makes it ideal for pumping polyurethane resins in low volume, yet high pressure, applications. The CP-5 primes quickly because the inlet check valve is submerged, and not aloft where it must depend upon suction for initial wetting and sealing. A dual fulcrum setting pumps .41 ounces per stroke at up to 3,000 psi., or .62 ounces per stroke at 2,000 psi. cp5A vent cock at the outlet check valve relieves pressure in the dispense line for ease of disconnection of the packer connection The balls within both the inlet and outlet check valves are ceramic: lighter than steel, yet harder than steel! The light ceramic inlet ball requires less vacuum to lift it from its seat – and keep it off as well. In addition, there are no seals commonly found in check valves. Instead, the valve seats are lapped. And, both valve bodies separate cleanly in the center for ease of cleaning. The frame construction is welded stainless steel. Other components are corrosion free stainless steel, brass, and hard coated aluminum. The stand support pivots to lock into alignment with the frame. Overall transport / storage dimensions are 36” x 24” x 2 1/2”, and the weight is only 27 pounds. It also comes with a 15′ dispense hose.