All Lily CD dispensers and accessories are available for rent. The systems are always on the shelf, and can usually be on the way within hours. The Lily CD dispenser rental can make a lot of sense.


  • Up to one month’s rent can be applied towards the purchase of any Lily CD system.
  • You go to work with a system that has been cleaned, inspected and tested by one of our experienced technicians.
  • You don’t have to worry about using a machine that just came back from another job and still has old product in it.
  • If a CD dispenser goes down (for any reason) we’ve got you covered. If, with our help, the problem can’t be quickly fixed in the field, another dispenser or a technician is on the way, the fastest way. You’ll be back in business the next morning or sooner. If it’s our problem we pay. If you did it, you pay; but in either case, your project is back on track within hours.
  • Rental equipment is completely up to date. As we develop refinements to the equipment, the rental fleet is upgraded immediately.