The CD15 was designed specifically for the injection of two component resins into cracks and similar voids in concrete. Over twenty years of injection field experience on the part of the designers urged an overwhelming concern for ratio reliability under the most adverse construction site conditions that could be imagined. This concern transcended all other considerations in the development of the CD15. As a result, the CD15 features:

  • four two way actuated ball valves rather than check valves, or three way valves that allow overlapping flow of components
  • patented COCO™ mechanical sequencing of fluid valves… rather than actuation by springs on fluid pressure
  • pressurized resin supply for positive filling of metering cylinders… rather than gravity or vacuum
  • sensors that assure complete filling of metering cylinders regardless of resin viscosity or temperature… rather than arbitrary lag-time settings
  • piston displacement of the resin components… rather than gears that allow slippage of fluids
  • cycle counter to schedule maintenance so that worn parts are replaced before they fail… rather than after they fail
  • ratio setting determined by precision machined piston surfaces… rather than variable settings prone to slippage
  • proportioning regulated by relative diameter of pistons… rather than relative rate of travel
  • resin path that allows no air entrapment… rather than vents to bleed entrapped air periodically

These features combine to assure precise proportioning regardless of ratio, viscosity of the components, or dispense pressure. The proportioning accuracy of the CD15 is as precise at 11:1 for example, as at 1:1.

And besides:

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