Because the resin components do not merge until they are within the mixer, cleanup is limited to the mixer and downstream tubing and port valves. With Gusto, it is easy.

The mixer is removed from the dispenser and attached to the mating fittings on the Gusto solvent tank. The tank is pressurized by relocating the air supply fitting from the dispenser to the tank. A 3-way directional valve directs air into the mixer, purging the resin accumulations. The tank is then manually shaken to splash small solvent bursts into the air stream without significantly choking its velocity. The solvent acts as an abrasive, scouring the components squeaky clean.

There is no flushing with large volumes of solvent or disassembly of individual components. Only a few ounces of solvent are required for cleanup. Following cleanup, the mixer is stowed submerged in solvent within the tank until its next use, even if months away. Most injection resins can be left in the dispenser indefinitely.

For more information seeĀ *CD15 Features.