The CD15 Dispenser has become the industry standard for epoxy injection, injecting cracks in more than 25 countries. It has a reputation earned by consistently delivering precisely metered resin under difficult construction jobsite conditions. Regardless of the ratio, the difference in viscosity between components, the flow rate, the pressure or the experience of the operator, the CD15 Dispenser consitently delivers thoroughly catalyzed resin.

The CD15 is user friendly. The controls consist of a single on/off switch, a single pressure regulator and a pressure gauge. Once the dispense pressure is set, the system will maintain that pressure. This feature allows a single operator to inject numerous ports at the same time.

The injection of numerous simultaneously is standard procedure with the CD15 Dispenser. This technique of using a manifold improves the productivity immensely and is especially rewarding when injecting hairline cracks that require longer injection times. The injection of three to six ports at once is common practice.

Pneumatic operation and welded stainless steel construction allows the CD15 Dispenser to be used in almost any environment and withstand the the abuses of a construction jobsite.

The CD15 Dispenser is designed exclusively for the construction industry by those with more than 45 years experience in construction. This background is important because dispensing demands in construction are unique and seldom met by systems designed primarily for industrial applications.


  • Crack injection in concrete and masonry
  • Injection of delaminated concrete surfaces
  • Epoxy grouting of machine bases
  • Injection of voids beneath steel plate reinforcing
  • Injection of electrical conduit


  • All pneumatic operation
  • Fixed ratio, nothing to go out of adjustment or monitor
  • Patented “COCO” ball valves
  • Long lasting, wear compensating seals
  • Welded stainless steel frame
  • Cycle counter to monitor resin consumption
  • Very portable when used with the HT15 “Mule” Hand Truck


  • Dimensions: 17.5″ tall x 7.75″ wide x 10″ deep
  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Air requirements: 60-120 psi @ 2-3 cfm
  • Dispense pressures: 800 psi
  • Ratio accuracy: +/- 5%
  • Maximum delivery rate: 1-15 gph depending on material viscosity
  • Viscosity range: 1 cps – gel viscosiy
  • Ratios available: 1:1; 2:1; 2.5:1; 3:1; 3.54:1; 4:1

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