The CD135 Dispenser is used primarily for installing epoxy and polyureasin concrete floor control joints. It can also be used for dispensing 2-part silicones in parking decks.

Two bulk hoppers, transfer pumps, and the metering assembly are all located in one cabinet. A Flow Management Kit adds the Remote Trigger Assembly and the Twin Shut-off Valve for a simple remote controlled delivery of metered and mixed epoxy resin.  Using plastic disposable mixers, clean-up is nothing more than removing the disposable mixer from the Twin Shuf-off valve and disposing of it. All weather pneaumatic operation is not sensitive to air presser fluctuations, while a source of clean, dry compressed air is important.



  • Concrete floor control joints
  • Hydrant service


  • All pneaumatic operation
  • Positive piston displacement
  • Patented “COCO” ball valves
  • Long lasting, wear compensation seals
  • Fixed ratio
  • Insulated cabinet
  • Heating option


  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Dispense pressure
  • Ratio accuracy +/-.5%
  • Air requirements
  • Maximum delivery rate
  • Viscosity range
  • Hopper volume: 17 gal.  34 gal. total

How It Works